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Scientists at Olfactor Laboratories, Inc.TM (OLI) are working to develop products that protect against the nuisance and discomfort from crawling, flying and biting insects in a healthier way. Our team of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists has worked hard to give people the confidence to live and work happier, at home and away. We discovered there was a way of achieving our dream without people needing to use harsh and environmentally damaging chemicals like DEET. Our formulas can provide harmless protection for everyone.

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Our Company

OLI's technology has been heralded by the international media as one of the world's most significant breakthroughs...

Our Solutions

OLI's patent-pending technologies are designed for multiple market segments –personal, home and garden, public health...

Our Partners

OLI benefits from world-class partnerships ranging from federal agencies to universities to industry leaders - each...